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This auslots page does not offer aus slots online but you can download and play originally built casino like aussie-slots games. In addition to these Pokies there is also 45 number lotto system generators which can be embedded on your own PC and played anytime you wish without the need of downloading again.
I wrote this auslots software for these games myself some time ago, see a typical aussie-slots game screen shot here ( This is one of my favourites) free pokies downloads for you to play.

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Any adult can play these life like auslots pokies machines with no restrictions, no registering and definitely no money needed, after downloading any one of the 50 completely free Pokies games they are stored on your computer ( Uninstall is included if required ).
They can be played anytime you wish without the need to be online which obviously means that once installed you have immediate access to your games.
In order to be able to play them you need to have a Windows based operating system as they operate only on Windows and are designed solely for entertainment purposes. After downloading these pokies slot machines they can remain on your computer until you no longer need them.
You will not be able to find this entertainment on any site other than and affiliated sites. Play Free Slots GamesThe games offered here are a combination of Slotmachines, Keno Games and Lotto Systems. If you wish to play them offline after they have been downloaded, then simply download any or all of them. To Play Free Slots Games from other providers Click Play Free Slots Games.
All of the following games have been converted to “Freeware” so download away and help yourself to some 50 completely free Pokies games.

Click the Slots picture for full information, download and FULL SIZE screen shot.

Install instructions Australian Slots games

Lucky Slots

Australian Slots


DIY Australian Slots


paris nights pokies fun


australian slots

Rock n Roll Slots

 play rock and roll pokies

Go Trucking Pokies

Slots Trucking free Australian Slots


Pokies  cheers slots

Blazing Hot Pokies

 red hot sevens pokies


25 lines Australian Slots fishing pokie


pokies of Las vegas Slots


Indian Dreaming Pokermachine, not an Aristrocrat


3D Australian Slots Aussieslots PokiesGames

Merlin the Magician

25 line Slots Merlin the Magician Pokies

King Tut 25 liner

Australian Slots King Tut Pokies


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Chinese Slots

Chinese  goeast pokies

I Love Lollies Pokie

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Australian Slots Aussieslots Pokies


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Great Australian  Reef Australian Slots Machine


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Australian Slots Brickie Pokie


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Queen of the Nile

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Old Version Pokies

Poker machines from year 1900


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Oz Wizard

Oz Pokie


Play Viva Las Vegas slots

Greybeard's Pirates Pokie

Free to play pokies Pirate Slots


Cupid 9 liner Pokie

Love Hearts

LoveHeart Pokie


Keno Slots


Slots Free Crusader Pokie

Spookie and Scary

Pokies Fun games Scary Slot

Nile Queen Cleo

Pokies Fun Free slots cleo

Keno Ten Slots

multiline Keno free to play Games

7 World Wonders

7 World Wonders Slots

Difficulties installing on Windows 10 ?

If you are running Windows10 don’t be put off by the messages thrown at you while installing. My auslots games are perfectly safe and were written long before the advent of Windows 10 so the system has to make a few changes as to how it deals with software written on previous O/Systems,( see screen shot below re. fixing the compatability problems of software written prior to Windows10)
Microsoft compatabilityaussie-slots compatability

Also, if using Windows 10 it’s better that you don’t change the screen resolution which is one of the options offered in some of the games.

Typical Windows warning popup:-Windows protected your PC, Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.To fix this problem simply Click the “More info” link and then click the “run anyway“link after which the game will install correctly as intended.

System requirements

NECCESSARY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL OF THE AUSSIE-SLOTS AMUSEMENTS : Only a Windows based system running one of the following O/Systems 98/95/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7,8, or 10 , your PC must have a minimum of– 750MHz Processor,128MbRAM,16mb Video card- 8Mb Hard Drive Space -Sound card.

Play Auslots Free– Enjoy 50+ Slots with Free Download

Explore 50+ completely free Auslots Pokies games and experience the best real money slots. Play Free Slots Games, Aussie-themed, play for fun when online gambling is restricted.

Price: FREE

Operating System: Windows All

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