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  • Aztec Treasure Slots Poki demo relates to Hernán Cortés, a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition to conquer the Aztec Empire in 1519. He was a ruthless and ambitious man, and he was determined to succeed at any cost.
  • There are 25 chances to win in Aztec Treasure Slots machine with 25 paylines and 25 win lines.A gambler would wager 25 cents per spin on a standard 25-line video pokie if they wagered one penny per line. Changes to the amount of pay lines used will affect the likelihood of winning.
  • Cortés landed in Mexico with a small army of 600 men. He quickly realized that the Aztecs were a powerful and wealthy empire, but he was also aware of their internal weaknesses. The Aztecs were ruled by a cruel and tyrannical emperor, Moctezuma II, and they were divided by religious and political conflicts.
  • Cortés used these weaknesses to his advantage. He befriended the local tribes, and he spread rumors that he was a god. He also captured Moctezuma and held him hostage. With Moctezuma’s help, Cortés was able to defeat the Aztecs in battle.
  • The conquest of the Aztec Empire was a bloody and brutal affair. Cortés and his men killed thousands of Aztecs, and they destroyed their cities. The Aztec Empire was no more, and Mexico was now a Spanish colony.
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    Aztec Treasures

    The theme of this slot revolves around Cortez, who decides to conquer Mexico on behalf of Spain after discovering the wealth of the Aztec empire. Cortez and his small army were able to overthrow one of the most sophisticated civilizations of the time within a short period of time.

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