Australian Pokies Fun Cosmos Slots

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Slots casino game only operates on a Windows machine

Cosmos Slots

  • Cosmos Slots is a 25 Payline X 5 Reel slot with a freespin and a space theme. 2nd, and 4th. reels contain a wild card which if drawn anywhere on the reel will substitute for all other symbols appearing on that Reel (except scatters ).
  • A facility to save the details of up to 6 players, toggle sound on/off and autoplay is included. Play up to 500 coins per spin. Can be played in Full screen if desired. Doubleup and quick money is included.
  • Specs’ at least 233mzh 32 meg ram sound and video. This game is fully playable and once downloaded can be played Offline.
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    cosmo slots

    Cosmos Slots is a three-column, three-line video slot machine game with a classic space theme that features five different symbols.

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    Operating System: Windows

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