9 Line Cupid Pokie

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  • Slot cupid is a 5 Reel X 9 payline slot machine with sounds and a Valentine theme (play up to 90 coins at a time).
  • 9 Line Cupid Pokie plays like this.If you get a heart on the first 2 reels then another 3 spins are triggered (whilst retaining the first 2 hearts), if these 3 spins result in another heart then a further 3 spins are triggered until no further hearts appear.
  • This is one of my earlier games so is getting a bit old but hopefully will still give a bit of free entertainment.
  • As with other games of this type the first 2 hearts take some getting so patience is required!!.( Since made much easier )
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    Cupid Pokie-9 X liner-Best Real Money Bonus Slots

    When the first two reels of the 9 Line Cupid Pokie are filled with a heart symbol, you will receive three more spins (while retaining the first two hearts) and if these three spins result in another heart, you will receive three more spins until no more hearts appear on the reels.

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    Operating System: Windows All

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