KENO 20 and 22 Ball Keno with dropping Balls

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keno-22ball only operates in a Windows environment, please download from a windows based machine


You can choose any number between 2 and 10 and keno-22ball will draw 20 balls from a total of 80 balls. Slots_keno is a pair of animated keno games, one of which features dropping balls.

The game features sound and automatic selection, as well as the option to save games for one to six players. You can buy 2 extra balls if you get a specific amount of hits. Warning, you will find this game very addictive, just like Multi-line Keno. It is fully playable once it is downloaded, as well as being able to play it offline once it has been downloaded..20 ball keno screen shot Fun
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Free keno-22ball-download and play offline Keno Slots

Keno-22ball Game is a game that draws 20 balls from 80 just as normal Keno, just as the game draws 20 balls from its 80 balls. The game can be downloaded and played offline for free.

Price: FREE

Operating System: windows all

Application Category: Keno For Fun Only

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