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merlins magic slots

  • Merlins magic respins Slotmachine is a 5 Reel X 20 payline video slot with sounds and based on the sorcerer Merlin. This Pokie merlins magic slots although old is quite unique with it’s freespin features.You can play up to 20 lines at a time and up 400 coins per Spin on Slots Magic.
  • A wild card on first reel and an “dove” on last will trigger feature. Feature consists of merlins magic slots morphing into a dove and flying to all other symbols and substituting for all other symbols (except scatters). Merlins magic slots pays right to left as well as left to right Returns on average 90% to player. Doubleup and save Player options are included .
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    If your’e interested in Merlin facts, read on

  • Merlin was a young man with a gift for magic. He lived in a small village in the middle of the forest, and he used his magic to help the people around him. One day, a young knight named Arthur came to the village. He was on a quest to find the sword Excalibur, and he needed Merlin’s help. Merlin agreed to help Arthur, and together they set out on a journey to find the sword.
  • Along the way, Merlin and Arthur faced many challenges. They were attacked by bandits, they were lost in the forest, and they were even captured by an evil sorceress. But through it all, Merlin used his magic to help Arthur overcome the challenges.
  • Finally, Merlin and Arthur reached the castle where Excalibur was kept. Arthur drew the sword from the stone, and he was crowned king. Merlin became Arthur’s advisor, and he used his magic to help Arthur build a strong and prosperous kingdom.
  • Merlin and Arthur ruled Camelot for many years, and they were known throughout the land for their wisdom and justice. Merlin used his magic to help Arthur defeat his enemies, and he helped Arthur to create a kingdom where everyone was treated fairly.
  • One day, Merlin disappeared. No one knows what happened to him, but some people believe that he went to Avalon, a magical island where he could live in peace. Others believe that Merlin is still alive, and that he will one day return to Camelot to help Arthur in his time of need.
  • Merlin is a legendary figure, and his story has been told for centuries. He is a symbol of magic, wisdom, and hope, and he continues to inspire people all over the world.
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    merlins magic slots

    The theme of this magical Australian slot machine is Merlin's Magic Slots. First reel wild card and last reel "dove" will activate feature. As a dove, Merlin transforms and flies to all other symbols.

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