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Slot keno10 is a FREE animated keno game with dropping balls in 10 different chutes. You can play from 1 up to 10 games at a time (each game drawing 20 balls from 80 balls), get a specified amount of hits and gain 3 extra balls.
Multi Keno Slots has Sound, Auto select, 1 to 6 players etc. is included. You will not find a similar game to this anywhere else on the net !!. Warning …This is very addictive, click picture to download. The autoselect and saveplayer are included. There are various links on this site leading to real money slots, if making use of these for real money casinos, please play responsively.

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'Slot Keno10 ' is one of the most popular and well known animated keno games on the internet available for free. In this game, 20 balls drop into 10 different chutes at the same time from 80 balls. You can play from 1 to 10 games at once (each game drawing 20 balls from 80 balls) and you can choose the number of hits and gain 3 extra balls.

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