Free Lotto Systems

This software is part of a much larger application which I wrote some 20 years ago, Much has changed since then, there has been quite a succession of different O/Systems, the Lotto D/Bases, games and indeed even the entry coupons have changed. I will in future try and resurrect the rest of the utilities and throw in a few improvements. NOTE:- Presently the main part of the program is suitable for Queensland Lotto but I am not sure re. the other states. WIN10 may throw up objections on installation but be assured there is nothing nasty in this software, it’s only because it was originally written years ago in win7 O/S. I have included the files MSVCRT40.DLL, MFC40.dll and threed32.ocx in case the users machine does not have them but most machines will already have these files installed.Free Lotto Systems
If you purchased this software on a CD the VBRuntime files will be on the CD. This file only needs to be run as it is a self extracting file, it will automatically install the files for you.If you should get the following error message…”You must restart your computer before the new setting will take effect. Do you want to restart your computer now?” It is just a confirmation message. Click Yes to shut down and restart your computer. Click No and the changes will take effect the next time you start your computer.I suggest CLICKING NO and as the message says :- the changes will take effect the next time you start your computer.
What you can do with this software :-
1) Create various systems for instance you can create what I call a reduced system, say for instance you wanted to submit a system 8, 10,11, 15 or whatever but could not afford the whole system then this software allows you to create a percentage of that system . E.G. A full system 10 entry for Monday or Wednesday would cost you $126.25 so you could if you wish create say a quarter ( or any other percentage ) of that full system 10 costing obviously $126.25 / 4 = $31.56. Choosing %25 of the whole system involves the Xlotto software going through every possible way you could write 6 numbers from 10 ( 210 ways ) then only printing out every 4th. set of 6. Naturally everything has it’s downside so obviously if you should snag your 6 numbers then you have just a %25 chance they will fall on the one line.You can use your own numbers or let the program pick them for you.
Another System you can use is what I call the triple system, it involves any amount of numbers up to 45 lotto numbers that can be made into blocks of 3 , the program will then match every one of your triples with every other triple ( perming any 2 from total amount of triples ). Once again you can pick your own numbers or let the software pick them for you.
2) Once you have created your system the program can print your coupons and a list of your games for you saving a lot of time and effort . As no 2 printers are created equal there is another facility which will allow you to adjust where the crosses fall on the coupon but with luck you should not need this. This software does not rely on past number analysis, as most people would know the drawn numbers are completely random, in other words the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 have as much chance as any other set of numbers.

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