Lotto system generator screenshots

Important, for Windows systems only

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View and print Lotto entries
aussie-slots FREE lotto utilities

When you have generated a few Lotto System files you can use the page above to view them, print them out or print the official Lotto entry coupons.

Lotto Main Page
aussie-slots FREE lotto utilities

Main page,is the first page you see when you fire up the Lotto Utilities. This page will start you off, pick which type of utility you want from this Menu.

Doubles Random numbers
aussie-slots FREE lotto utilities

This systemn will create sets of 3 doubles ( to give you lines of six ) say you pick 16 numbers ( to do the whole 6 from 16 equates to a total of 8008 games costing $4804.80 or $5705.70 on a Saturday) but reducing the 16 numbers to doubles produces just 56 games costing Saturday $39.76 and Mon/Wed $33.60, obviously if you get your 6 numbers in those 16 it is by no means guaranteed that you will have a line of 6 correct.

Doubles Your Numbers
aussie-slots FREE lotto utilities

This system will do everything that the Lotto System on the left will do except you pick your own numbers.Get at least 4 numbers right and providing there is at least one double you will have pays.

Reduced Lotto Your numbers
lotto part system

This system is the same as the reduced system except here you pick your own numbers.

Lotto Random Triples
Random lotto triples

This system takes your designated amount of ( divisible X 3 ) numbers and creates a batch of triples, 12 numbers for instance would create 4 triples, it then ties every triple with every other triple, the ultimate would obviously be to get 2 triples with all numbers correct giving you 6 correct numbers.

Adjusting crosses for Printing coupons
Adjust coupon printing

This is the tricky part as all types and makes of printers are not created equal.First off you need to place your coupons into the printer upside down ( top of coupon goes in first ). It's a matter of trial and error if the first printing places the crosses outside the box, this utility has been created to remedy the problem. Probably self explanatory , adjust the crosses up or down , print the trial coupon to see if you have the right combination then proceed to print your real coupons.

Navigate to various Lotto Systems
Build lotto system

Use this screen to navigate to the various parts of Lotto System Generators

Reduced Lotto Random numbers
Aussie-slots FREE lotto utilities

This system will create lines of 6 numbers from a selected amount of numbers, what it does is go through every possible way that 6 numbers can be written from that given amount (eg say you picked 10 numbers, that would be a total of 210 different games costing $149.20 for Saturday and $126.25 for Mon/Wed ), with this system you can choose how many games you want to play by a percentage of the whole (210) amount and if you chose for instance 50% then the system would print out every 2nd. game thereby giving you a 50% chance of getting 6 numbers providing of course that you have 6 numbers in the 10 you selected.

Lotto Your Triples
Lotto your triples

Exactly the same as the Lotto random triples next door except you pick your own numbers

Lotto entry cost Saturday

System 7 cost $4.95
System 8 cost $19.90
System 9 cost $59.70
System 10 cost $149.20
System 11 cost $328.25
System 12 cost $656.45
System 13 cost $1219.15
System 14 cost $2133.50
System 15 cost $3555.80
System 16 cost $5689.30
System 17 cost $8792.55
System 18 cost $13188.80
System 19 cost $19275.95
System 20 cost $27537.05

Lotto entry cost Mon/Wed

System 7 cost $4.20
System 8 cost $16.85
System 9 cost $50.50
System 10 cost $126.25
System 11 cost $277.75
System 12 cost $555.45
System 13 cost $1031.55
System 14 cost $1805.25
System 15 cost $3008.75
System 16 cost $4814.00
System 17 cost $7439.85
System 18 cost $11159.75
System 19 cost $16310.40
System 20 cost $23300.55

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