Keno multi Slots Play 10 Games simultaneously

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These games only operate in a Windows environment, please download from windows desktop PC

Slot keno10 is a FREE animated keno game with dropping balls in 10 different chutes. You can play from 1 up to 10 games at a time (each game drawing 20 balls from 80 balls), get a specified amount of hits and gain 3 extra balls. Sound,Auto select,1 to 6 players etc. is included. You will not find a similar game to this anywhere else on the net !!. Warning …This is very addictive. The autoselect and saveplayer are included.Keno Pokie Slots

Information for Windows 10 users

If you are running Windows10 don’t be put off by the messages thrown at you while installing, my games are perfectly safe and were written long before the advent of Win10 so the system has to make a few changes as to how it deals with software written on previous O/Systems, also, if using Win10 it’s better that you don’t change the screen resolution which is one of the options offered in some of the the games.A typical Windows warning popup:-
Windows protected your PC, Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk.To fix this problem simply Click the “More info” link and then click the “run anyway“link.

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