Free offline Australian Slot simulations (Note PC only)

Despite the fact this site has been continually targeted by content thieves everything else is as usual, and the pokies in the table below (That I wrote myself) are of course still available. Over the years I have enjoyed writing these free games but, just like their author they are getting a little old so I have decided to release them as freeware, freeware is software that is available for use at no cost.
mummys gold casinoMost pokies offer freespins, bonus rounds, jackpots and adjustable payout percentage features, they come in variable formats such as 9, 20, 25, and 243 lines, 243 ways for those that are interested is accomplished by multiplying first reel X second reel X 3rd. reel X 4th. Reel X 5th. I.e. 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 = 243 ways. They all have sound and various other options to enhance your play, and remember that as no real money is required to play you will not win nor will you lose any real money !!, also, there is no requirement to register games so just download and have some fun. Bear in mind that most freeslots offered on the internet today require you to be online and suffer the continual popups asking if you want to play for real money instead, whereas with my pokies you simply download to your own hard drive and play them as and when you want without the need to access the internet. While I actually encourage you to re-distribute my freeware pokies you must not modify or decompile the code. If you are running Windows10 don’t be put off by the messages thrown at you while installing, my games are perfectly safe and were written long before the advent of Win10 so the system has to make a few changes as to how it deals with software written on previous O/Systems, also, if using Win10 it’s better that you don’t change the screen resolution which is one of the options offered in the games.
A typical screen shot can be seen HERE. As my slot machines will not run on most mobile devices you may like to try … MOBILE where in all probability you will find some demo ones as well as real money games to try.

Rock3D Ahoy Aussie3D Aussieslots Scary space
Builder Candy Cheers Cleo Worldwonders Sevens
Cortez Cosmos Crusader Truckstop Cupid Reefslot
GoEast Egyptian Fishing Frosty Rome Kenoten
Funslot Heartbeat Dreaming Jewels USA Oz
Jollyrog Keno22 Music GoWild Vacation Slot Westernslot
London Luckyslot Lasvegas Golfing Viva Paris
Parthenon Keynotes Greybeard Pokies Reelwild Mypics
Merlin Kingtut coming coming coming coming

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NECCESSARY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL OF THESE AMUSEMENTS : Only a Windows based system running one of the following O/Systems 98/95/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7,8, or 10 , your PC must have a minimum of– 750MHz Processor,128MbRAM,16mb Video card- 8Mb Hard Drive Space -Sound card.